Revolutionizing Social Media Data with quintly and Facelift

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With Facelift and quintly together, we are super-charging social media data analysis. We will be a global leader in this rapidly growing space, challenge the status quo, and meet the demands of modern social media management.
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arne-kittler-round-border"Over the last decade, we've seen the value of and the need for data grow exponentially. Social media is now one of the primary communication channels for any organization."

Arne Kittler is Facelift's CPO. With more than two decades of experience in product management & digital communication, he strives for innovative solutions that help customers succeed with their goals.

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Status quo and the future of social data analytics

Success on social is all about accurate information. Without data, creating a targeted, purposeful, and effective social media campaign is extremely difficult. This data is essential for both pre-and post-campaign creation and forms the basis upon which content and communications must rest.

Planning a social media campaign requires a deep understanding of target audiences and the needs of users in a digital space. Post-publishing analysis helps steer the future of a social media campaign by proving where efforts are most effective and where they require improvement.

Today, there is intense competition in all digital spaces as organizations build their domains. The need to use concrete, trustworthy performance, targeting, and benchmarking data is increasing.

Read the report by Monte Carlo on the Future of Big Data Analytics.

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sarah-zarges-round"The biggest advantage of Facelift is centralized social media management in one place. In addition, the communication and joint work of us and the agency in one tool is super."


Sarah Zarges, Online Marketing Manager @ SPAX International

What's changing, and when is it coming?

Facelift and quintly are set to power an unprecedented quantity and quality of social data.



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What does this mean for you?

Over the coming months, Facelift will be able to deliver key analytics features that will propel users to a new level of deep data capitalization with quintly. These features will include:


Stay one step ahead of your competitors and see how your social media content performs in your industry. The perfect way to get a glimpse at what's trending.
Allows for the fine-tuning of different user profiles on your subscription. Granular permissions and access allow for a wide, flexible team of users that can span departments, and lets users focus on their most important tasks.
Data privacy means ensuring that our customers never worry about risks to their sensitive information. In the future, additional layers of data security designed for organizations with the highest regulatory requirements will bring top safety and peace of mind.
Whether it's about performance or industry analysis, quintly's reporting will satisfy your stakeholders thanks to customizable, comprehensive reports that can provide a wealth of data to suit nearly any purpose.


Facelift and quintly, as distinct platforms will gradually reduce, revealing one premium synchronized MarTech solution.


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quintly: Social media analytics simplified

With this merger, quintly is turning up Facelift's ability to produce the deepest social media analytics on the market. Delivered with unrivaled quality, customization, and flexibility, quintly allows organizations to act faster and keep up with competitors - improving campaigns at scale.

This is thanks to quintly's processes API. Multiple data lanes responsible for different retrievals work to streamline the flow of information between the source and collection point – quintly!

APIs are provided by social media networks to businesses such as Facelift and quintly, allowing their data to be parsed for accurate, up-to-date information that cannot be found in the native analytics of social media sites. This data is then stored in a special, secure data layer where it can be organized and made available to you.

As integration continues over the coming months and years, the two platforms are combining to provide a solid, seamless, and holistic approach to data-driven social media management. More and more offerings and enhanced capabilities are on the horizon in both the mid-and long terms.

Discover more about the power that quintly provides by following this link. 

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neil-patel-round"quintly is probably my favorite social media analytics service on the web today. It helps me track, benchmark, and optimize my social performance with super-smooth analytics."


Neil Patel, Co-founder @Kissmetrics


What's coming to existing customers?

Current quintly and Facelift customers can expect simplification and unity of the tools they already know and love. Facelift was already bringing data to its users with its reporting tools and dashboard. Soon, it will be enhanced with even smarter, more granular data that can make a difference in social media campaign monitoring and improvement.

Our mission is to continually improve and progress our product, and doing so means changing with the times, and listening to the needs of our customers. By investing in improved data processing and reporting, we're meeting the needs of users everywhere.

If you're already working with our products, find out how you can capitalize on your data to generate better, more meaningful content.

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Using data to make a difference

Data is the best way to move the needle on your social media marketing campaigns, and there are a lot of ways you can use it to do so. Here's a list of some of our top resources.

Most essential KPIs

Reaching peak performance for your social media campaigns is all about data. We’ve compiled a list of some top KPIs that your social media team should be most closely monitoring. These range from larger, better-known KPIs, such as clicks or likes, to some you may not have thought of.


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Look at this free statistics portal for a taste of what quintly can do. Here, you can find many major facts and figures in the form of a public report. See top brand performance from many of the largest countries in the world. You can also grab a free report for Instagram, X, and Facebook!

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