Business Hub – Scale localized ads for all of your branches

  • Automate the creation, adaptation and billing of your social ads

  • Fully localized ads increase the relevance and success of your advertisements

  • Retailers book ads independently according to their local offer
Scale your ads for all your stores

The challenge: Create fully localized ads for all your stores

Creating individualized advertisements that advertise the actual, local offer of your stores means a lot of work.

Especially with a large number of branches, this was rarely profitable in terms of communication, booking and coordination effort, even with the help of agencies.

Cost intensive coordination between HQ and local stores without any tools

The Business Hub automates the creation and billing of all ads

With just a few clicks, the Business Hub transforms the ad optimized by your experts to a truly localized advertisement. 

Furthermore, you can choose between centralized or decentralized billing for all stores – the Business Hub takes care of the rest and saves you a lot of coordination.

Automate creation and billing processes

Intuitive booking process increases acceptance and participation of local dealers

As the headquarter, you create ad campaigns and your local stores can choose which ad fits them the most.

Your local retailers have full control over the booking process and can instantly see how many people they would reach with an ad booking and how much it would cost them.

Clear and intuitive booking process

Integrate Business Hub into your existing systems and marketing platforms

Do you already have a marketing portal where your retailers can order marketing materials and campaigns?

We can easily integrate the ad booking system into your systems and platforms. This means your retailers do not need to learn or use a new tool.

Easy to integrate into your systems via API

Localized Ads – Created by ad experts and filled with local offers

Thanks to an effective placeholder structure and live preview, your ad experts create an advertisement that is optimized to your case.

The used placeholders are then filled by the actual local data of your stores, straight out of your own database.

This means you can scale your ads to any number of local stores and your ads are still highly relevant for customers who live near your local stores.

Fill placeholders with data from your data base