Looking for a smart way to increase your organic reach?

Facelift Social Share provides your employees and resellers with ready-to-share content to allow for distribution to their private or business networks.


Trust is crucial for turning your employees into your brand ambassadors.

Social Share für Webseite - Volle Kontrolle und Übersicht über Posts und Shares

They alone decide...

  • if and what they share
  • when and where they share
  • to whom they share

Insightful analytics help you boost the performance of your content even further.



  • best performing content
  • employees who share the most
  • networks with the most shares

Your employees and resellers don't have to spend ages sharing your brand messages and content.

Social Share - Profile and Share History - Shadow

Social Share App is...

  • easy to use
  • available on iOS and Android
  • a playful experience

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Success Story:
Facelift Social Share in use at HDI

In order to unlock the potential of distributors as brand ambassadors, HDI (Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie) tested Facelift Social Share in a joint pilot project.

Learn more about interesting insights and the pilot project's key results.

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