Social Recruiting via LinkedIn: How to Win New Applicants

Maria-Christin Kowal

Digitisation is creating new jobs, many of which require more and more specialised knowledge. Add to this the increasing aging of society. Demographers predict that by 2030, the number of people of working age will drop massively. As early as 2020, applicants in the fields of management, engineering, creative, IT, research, medicine, and nursing will simply be hard to come by. Social media is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to finding and recruiting new talent.


The Revolution of Recruiting

The competition for the right talent is enormous given the growing shortage of skilled workers.

More and more companies are competing for the best candidates and are looking to attract new talent with flexible work opportunities, benefits, and part-time offers. Take advantage of the possibilities of social media for your recruiting process and use these opportunities to get in direct contact with potential candidates.

“91% of employers are using social media to hire talent today. And 91% of employers believe it will become a more significant source of hire in the next 5 years.” (Source: Careerarc 2017)

Social networks such as LinkedIn provide many opportunities for your business to find the right candidates for your vacancies.

But what do you need to keep in mind and which platforms should you be using? How can your company passively and actively attract candidates, and what should you do to move forward?

Three Steps for Your Talent Offensive on LinkedIn

1 - It Is All About First Impressions

Present yourself and your company using a LinkedIn career page. This is where the action is at for you as a recruiter. You will find your company presentation, job listings, employees, and groups on this platform.

According to LinkedIn, 81% of members who interact with your brand are more likely to respond to a message from you.

Introduce your business and provide members with a glimpse behind the scenes. Let satisfied and loyal employees have their say. The influence your own employees have as brand ambassadors has already been highlighted in our last blog post.

Of course, the Careers page is also the place where you should publicly post your job listings. The LinkedIn algorithm automatically shows potential candidates individual job listings matching their qualifications.

In addition, you can always keep an eye on any important KPIs and know which candidates are interested, what qualifications they posses, and how they have responded to your messages. Make use of these opportunities to build a pipeline of potential talent.

2 - Increase Your Reach via Linkedin Jobslots

According to current LinkedIn data, over 75% of members are generally open to new job opportunities or even actively looking for them.

With the help of LinkedIn job slots, your job listings are automatically recommended to LinkedIn members with the right profile. This is especially interesting when candidates are not actively searching for a job. Around 75% of all potential talents are not actively searching but would like to be found. Gain more presence and create stronger brand awareness for your company as an employer.

Extensive real-time analytics let you see who's looking at your listings, the candidate's career path, and whether that person eventually applies.

3 - Advertise Using Ads

Do not trust that you will be found and advertise using suitable recruitment ads in order to connect with talent that you have not found yet. Optimise and test different ad formats and also display job listings on the profile pages of your employees, for example. Doing so promises as much as 50% more success compared to regular banner advertisement, according to LinkedIn.

Another way is to reach your preferred candidates is via sponsored updates about your company. This means that you will be sharing relevant content, which then gets placed in the newsfeed of your top talent.


Become Active - Hire the Best Talent

These suggestions are just a sample of the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer. This is and continues to be what’s important: Active sourcing has long replaced traditional recruiting. Long cover letters, detailed resumes and certificates/certificate copies are simply too great of a hurdle for many applicants to take action. Make it as easy as possible for the talent.


Spare Yourself from Complicated Processes

As a LinkedIn Partner, we offer our customers the exclusive opportunity to book selected LinkedIn products directly through us, in order to also focus on the possibilities of social media in recruiting. If you would like to know more or have any questions, feel free to contact your account manager or request your personal demo free of charge and free from any obligations today.

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Maria-Christin Kowal