White paper: Social Media Measurement and Reporting

  • Social Media KPIs that are important for your campaigns

  • How to determine your conversion objectives

  • Findings about the value of social networks

How to correctly measure, analyse and strategically improve your social media activities

No other online marketing discipline is as established in digital everyday life as social media marketing. Hence, it is not surprising that more and more companies are both discovering these channels and beginning to actively use them. However, all too often these new activities lack a strategic basis and it is not clear what needs to be considered in detail. But if you do not know why certain content fares better or worse than other social media content, you cannot customise your strategy. In turn, you will not be successful and social media is classified as a channel that does not work - though the opposite is almost always the case. This white paper shows you which KPIs are important and which values you really need to measure in order to properly assess your social media activities.

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