Exceptional customer service with the WhatsApp Business API

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Facelift Cloud offers you the perfect interface to communicate personally and directly with your customers via WhatsApp.

The immediate proximity to customers is the essential benefit of WhatsApp

The app is popular and easy to use: the functions are familiar – a clear advantage when introducing a new communication channel.

For companies, its wide distribution and customer proximity has a high potential for an innovative and successful customer service.


The Unified Inbox provides a perfect overview

  • All messages are displayed centrally in one inbox

  • Response templates, filters and tags simplify editing

  • Mobile app for quick access


Highly flexible infrastructure for each growth stage

  • Excellent role and rights management 

  • Technical performance – a high volume of inquiries is no problem at all

  • Unlimited users work with just one number

We are your reliable partner for the technical setup

  • Support regarding the technical setup of your account, maintenance and service

  • Creation of personalised message templates

  • Data security through 100% GDPR-compliant application

Test our WhatsApp Business integration now

You may use Facelift WhatsApp Business integration up to three months for free; an overall Facelift Cloud contract is not required.

If you discontinue use of Facelift WhatsApp Business integration after the three months, we’ll charge you a one-off fee of €3,000/$3,600.

If you decide to continue with Facelift WhatsApp Business integration beyond the free testing period, you’ll only pay a licence fee for future months of usage.

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Any organisation can be successful with the WhatsApp Business API

We have collected some powerful use cases for WhatsApp Business integration for Facelift Cloud.

Learn how a fashion company uses WhatsApp to give style advice, how a hotel innovated their reception desk and how an electronics retailer found out what can go wrong when integrating WhatsApp too fast.

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