Success Story – HORSCH Maschinen

How HORSCH successfully markets agricultural machinery for modern farming on social media

check_40How agricultural technology 2.0 works - HORSCH imparts knowledge on social media, strengthening the brand

check_40International storytelling centrally distributed with Facelift Cloud

check_40How a good team facilitates internal collaboration and simplifies community management

check_40Facelift Cloud convinces with clear rights system and efficient content sharing

The challenge: mastering communication across markets

Discover how HORSCH Maschinen GmbH uses just one social media management tool to operate over 40 of its social networks and align them internationally.


With Facelift Cloud, HORSCH was able to:

- combine all platforms and users.
- develop a strong and engaged community.
- centrally control content creation and publication.

The result? HORSCH saves effort and time.

HORSCH agricultural machinery

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