Truly Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

Over a thousand customers from more than 20 industries use our tools, ranging from international industrial conglomerates to regional SMEs. That is one of the reasons why Facelift Cloud has been named the best European Social Media Software Tool by Forrester!

An integrated system for social media marketing, optimised for Facebook

The Facelift Cloud is a multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social media marketing on an enterprise level – optimised for the most important channel Facebook.
The Facelift Cloud consists of the nine modules Dashboard, Moderation, Publishing, Advertising, Engagement, Trendwatch, Monitoring, Social CRM and Benchmarking, enabling the management of all activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Pinterest, Xing and LinkedIn centrally and efficiently, in a scalable cloud solution. All practical matters such as workflow management, templating, data exchange, content pooling, roles/permissions management, documentation etc. are integrated.
Facelift Cloud is fully hosted in Germany as a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, is ISO 27001 certified and thus meets the highest security standards.

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