A 2020 Roadmap Sneak Peek & Recent Highlights

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    These highlights will help you reach your goals in 2020

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    Excellent community management - as flexible and mobile as you want

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    Use a live preview for your post creation and answer comments on your ads

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    Collaborate easily, thanks to flexible approvals, an integrated chat, and much more

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    Live Preview for Posts
    Your Publisher gets a live preview in 2020 for the post creation of Instagram and Facebook

    How's your post going to look like on your social profiles? Good length? Right aspect ratio of your image? 

    These and many more questions will become obsolete in 2020 thanks to the live post preview for the post creation in the Publisher.

    You'll see at a glance how your post is going to look like on your social profiles.



    Post Preview - EN
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    Community Management for Your Social Ads
    Answer incoming comments on your ads in your Unified Inbox

    Comments on sponsored posts are just as important as comments on organic posts. That's why your Unified Inbox will display and manage all incoming comments on your ads.

    This way, you can easily answer all incoming reactions of your community with one central inbox.

    Sponsored Content Inbox - EN
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    Social Publishing Made Easy
    New design & new workflows based on our users' feedback

    The Publisher got a faster and cleaner design, a handy new date picker and many new little helpers.

    See the most important information at a glance and, with a simple click, display additional details if you need them

    Sync your entire post plan with the calendars of your internal or external colleagues, or simply export the post calendar as a customizable .XLS, .PDF, ICAL or .CSV file.

    Publisher Rebrush - EN
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    Engage with your community the way you like
    The Custom Inboxes: Create your very own inboxes - with your own rules.

    It's a matter of seconds to create your first, very own inbox. An inbox with your own rules and your own automatic mechanisms.

    Creating them is fast, fun and way too addictive. That's why you can create as many of your inboxes as you want.

    If you want to prioritise incoming direct messages, or, if you are always on the lookout for certain topics & keywords, simply create a new inbox and set your own rules for your Community Management!

    Custom Inboxes - EN
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    Lean Feedback Loops and Versatile Approval Processes
    Approving content only takes a glimpse and a single click

    Giving and receiving feedback and approval has never been easier. Correction loops that just feel right. 

    Have all pending requests at a glance on the Approval Dashboard and take action immediately.

    Enjoy collaborating with your colleagues, get approvals from any colleague and make sure your publishing fits your goals and guidelines. 

    Approval Overview - EN
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    Community Management on the Go
    The Facelift Cloud app helps you to be with your community. Anywhere. Anytime. In style.

    Keep your inbox neat and tidy with swipe gestures:
    Simply swipe left to flag a message or swipe right to resolve the message from your inbox.

    Publish Instagram Stories with Facelift Cloud app:
    A little notification and a simple click. That's it.

    Looks cool and goes easy on the eyes:
    The Dark Mode. Especially in darker surroundings, this makes working a lot more comfortable.

    Mobile Unified Inbox - EN
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    Align Your Content Strategy With Your Business Goals
    Campaigns and Events in the Publisher help you keeping the overview and track your success

    Take the next step for your digital marketing process in Facelift Cloud.

    Connect your posts to the bigger picture with Content Campaigns and Events. Ensure that every post is aligned with your overall business goals on social media. Assign tasks, keep track of your progress and maintain the overview at any time. 

    Campaigns and Events - EN-1
  • Specialize Your Facelift Cloud

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      Business Hub - Create localized ads at scale for all your stores and locations

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      Planner - Build a transparent online and offline content strategy

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      Social Share App - Enable Employees to share brand content on their private profiles

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    Business Hub - Localized ads at scale for all your stores and locations
    Fully localized ads to boost the sales performance of local stores with the Business Hub

    The Business Hub lets you create fully localized ads at scale.

    Your ad specialists create a single ad template.
    Business Hub then fills the ads automatically with the texts & details of your local stores. The local stores can then decide if they want to book the ad campaign with a single click via a simple ad dashboard.

    It's the first time local shops can use social ads to boost their sales performance - no ad knowledge required.

    Business Hub Mockup - EN
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    Planner: Content planning and project management at scale
    Efficiently plan your entire communication, execute social publishing and keep track of your progress

    The Planner is a fully integrated content planning and project management tool within Facelift Cloud.

    Here you plan, assign, and execute every activity needed for your communication measures. Ensure that every piece of your communication is aligned with your business goals.

    Oh, and did I just say Kanban board?

    Planner Mockup
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    Social Share App - Enable employees to share your brand content
    Your employees share your content with their private community through the Social Share app

    Turn your employees into social influencers as they share your provided content on their private profiles.

    This will significantly boost your brand's reach while accessing an entirely new audience. And you can make way more use out of your already created content.

    Social Share App
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      Community Management and efficient content planning for all Social Channels
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      Better engagement and higher conversions through social selling
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      Centrally tracked KPIs of all social media activities in customised dashboards
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      Excellent role/ rights management for all team structures
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      Scalable for social media teams from 1 to over 100,000 users