White Paper: How to Profit from Digital Customer Service with Bots

Björn Tantau

Our white paper explains all of the benefits and advantages for companies already using messenger bots for their customer service or wanting to use them in the future

On Facebook, your company has its own page, via which you can get in touch with your customers - and your customers know that. More and more Facebook users write messages directly to the Facebook pages of online shops and other businesses so that customer service more and more takes place on this channel.

Facebook itself has also recognised this development and opened its messenger for developers. This is meant to ensure that automated processes can be handled with the messenger, for example, – and, for that, bots are used. Facebook is not the only provider that works with messenger bots, the Chinese company "WeChat" is also already active in this area.

With a messenger bot, you can open completely new possibilities to your customers and those who might want to become your customers in the future. Speed up your customer service and let a bot take care of standardised processes - because that saves resources and money. But what do you need to be mindful of when using a messenger bot? What are the technical hurdles that you have to overcome and what kinds of best practices already exist, from which you can learn?

Our new white paper shows you how you can benefit from the use of a messenger bot and how your company can improve its own digital customer service even more

Björn Tantau