10+1 Tips for Perfect Social Media Customer Service

Falk Hedemann

Of all the reasons people follow brands or products on social media, the quality of a company’s customer service, and their reputation for it, are among the absolute most important.

For a company that prides itself on its quality of service, this is an enormous opportunity, but one that comes with its own challenges.

With customers constantly expressing new concerns across more and more channels, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

To help keep your head above water and on the path to maintaining your service quality, we’ve compiled a small list of some of our top digital customer service tips.

What's most important for your digital customer service?

  • Determine which channels are truly intended for customer service inquiries and how your team can best approach them.
  • Think about sensible rules for prioritizing customer service requests. Which topics are the most important and require the most expedient responses?
  • Take all inquiries seriously, no matter how trivial (or frustrating!). When a customer reaches out to your brand, it's a great opportunity to turn him or her into a fan with a good response.
  • Always respect customers' privacy and data protection. If your customers on social media begin publishing sensitive data on your pages, make sure it is made private as quickly as possible.
  • Take advantage of automation opportunities, but don’t get too comfortable! Always be ready to quickly take customer service inquiries into your own hands when called for.
  • Establish a clear team structure. Identify who is handling each role, and what responsibilities and accountabilities they have. Who steps in in case of absences?
  • Create a positive team atmosphere where mutual support is not a chore, but an underlying part of company culture!
  • Keep your team’s social media expertise up to date and at the highest possible level through regular training. The world of social media never stops changing and innovating.
  • Give your team the tools they need to work together seamlessly. Only then can they coordinate perfectly and act effectively.
  • Set ambitious but achievable goals for response and resolution times, and regularly measure sentiment and customer satisfaction.


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Falk Hedemann