The Publisher Surprise Package: Many New Features for Easy Publishing

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We're having a release party in the Publisher!

In this product insights update, find out about the small and large updates we've got in store for you! From now on, nothing can stand in the way of easy post creation. And, if something should go wrong, the new kill-switch function helps you to stop all your planned posts in no time all at once.  

What's in the Facelift Cloud surprise package?   

To all Twitter power users: First of all, we have a preview for Twitter link posts for you. Thanks to the new preview, you can see your link in all its glory while you're creating your post in the Publisher and no longer have to speculate about how the whole thing will really look on Twitter once it's live.  

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-12 um 18.09.36

Got a lot of really relevant hashtags and so much to say on IG?

Let's continue with the new character and hashtag counter function for Instagram. 

With this, exceeding the character limit of 2200 and 30 hashtags per post won't happen to you anytime soon. Just let our counter count for you on the side. No more annoying shortening of the caption and deleting of hashtags at the end.  

And by the way: we have also repositioned the emoji picker. You can now find it for all relevant networks at the bottom right of the text field next to the counter.  

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-12 um 18.13.27
LinkedIn updates on Facelift Cloud

What would a surprise package be without some great new LinkedIn news?

For video posts you now have the possibility to add a video title. With the assignment of a title, the message of your video post is clear to your followers at first glance. 

And, last but not least:

We already announced it at the beginning: should things not go so smoothly, it is always good to have an emergency plan up your sleeve. Of course we hope that the use of the new kill-switch function will be as low as possible, but we don't want to keep this important security option from you.

Therefore, from now on, your company admin can stop all your organic scheduled posts with one click. It is extremely helpful to stop the publication of all posts at once in case of an emergency, especially if your company creates a large number of posts within a short period of time and there is no time to stop each post individually.

Learn more about the killswitch function in this Knowledge Base article.

That's it for today's unboxing 📦💥 - time to jump right in and try out the new features in the Publisher.

Except for the Kill-switch function of course 😉, your company admin can keep this in mind for emergencies.  


Did you stumble across this article and aren't yet a Facelift Cloud user? Do you want to be? We've got a free 2 week trial that you can test out. It includes our core features and can provide you with a great overview of what you can expect.

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