Linkfluence and Facelift Partnership

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Europe-wide collaboration and expansion of Chinese business

Facelift and Linkfluence have announced a new partnership. The leading provider of social media marketing, Facelift, expands its portfolio with the software solutions from Linkfluence, providing its customers with a broader suite of strategic tools. Additionally, Linkfluence customers can benefit from the diverse capabilities of the Facelift Cloud to manage their own social media activities. With the cooperation, Facelift and Linkfluence both underline their open-platform philosophy.

"The cooperation with Facelift is an important step to offer our customers further value for their work. Linkfluence and Facelift fit extremely well in their requirements and goals. Both companies offer high technical standards and performance, as well as a strong customer orientation and innovative spirit, "said Hervé Simonin, CEO of Linkfluence Global. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our technologies and services through one of the leading platforms in the field of social media marketing," said Simonin. With Facelift, Linkfluence has a strong business partner for Germany, France and the Gulf States. More than 1,000 customers from various industries are already using Facelift's software and services. These include global brands such as Ikea, Panasonic, Mercedes-Benz, BASF and Qatar Airways, as well as many medium-sized companies.

"We are delighted to be working with Linkfluence, and monitoring solutions are gaining in importance for our customers. We can now integrate and offer them an internationally award-winning tool in our Facelift Cloud," says Arist von Harpe, "In addition, Linkfluence is a strong partner for our European business, as well as for the expansion of our business in East Asia." Linkfluence offers the right solutions for Facelift customers to gain important insights for their brand management.

In particular, companies that are expanding their online business in China benefit from the Linkfluence portfolio. Linkfluence is the only western provider to have direct access to the Sina Weibo firehose. Market researchers and analysts are located directly in Shanghai and have insight into the markets where opinions in the social web play a major role in the buying process. Linkfluence offers social media intelligence, customer insights from the social web, online market research, campaign surveys, influencer analysis, netnography as well as the monitoring and analysis of the social web in East Asia.

The Hamburg-based company, Facelift, is the European market leader for all-in-one social media marketing software. It develops and markets a multi-certified SaaS solution with the Facelift Cloud. The Facelift Cloud enables companies, brands and agencies to manage their communication and advertising in the social networks smoothly. In the future, Linkfluence customers will be able to optimize their activities with regard to their online target groups and make the social media processes more comfortable and efficient.


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