Facelift Social Network Sessions 2021 – Recap LinkedIn

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

On Wednesday March 17th, Facelift was proud to host our Facelift Social Network Sessions 2021 digital event. Our sessions included speakers from the world's leading social media networks and we've got some insights and key takeaways that we'd like to share. 

Baiting the BETAs – a Recap of Facelift's Social Media Network Sessions 2021: LinkedIn 

network-sessions-linkedinEvery generation's coming of age is marked by big changes in the way that business is conducted. Generation Y – millennials – has been rebranded by LinkedIn's Shankho Mukherjee with a fresh new name: The BETAs. 

BETA is an acronym that stands for Boundaries, Evolution, Technology, and Accountability. 

And what does this mean for your company? As this demographic now carries an enormous portion of the market and business world on its shoulders, companies and industries wishing to capitalize on it need to bear in mind the elements that make a millennial a BETA. 

These factors will affect the ways that your customers act and interact with your company and will inevitably require more agility and dynamism.  

 Blurred boundaries 

Generation Y is the first generation of truly digital natives who have come of age and are now movers and shakers in the world of business. For many reasons, the boundaries between personal and private life have begun to blur. 

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when countless employees are working from their homes, the entire definition of the office has been called into question. Employees are often now expected to provide some of their own technology in a phenomenon called BYOD culture (Bring Your Own Device). 

Likewise, social media use is now so prevalent in BETA society that the lines at which work ends and leisure begins are fuzzier than ever before. 


Not only is the boundary between personal life and professional life less clear than ever, BETAs more significantly identify with their professional profiles than ever before. While not a totally new phenomenon, this new sense of identity has come with a high emphasis on self-betterment, advancement, and professional individualism. 

The BETA generation places a high emphasis on personal development, especially with regard to their professional lives. 


If ever a generation has been defined by advances in technology, todays digital natives in generations Y and Z are it. Mukherjee stated in his presentation that the average BETA spends around 3.5 hours per day with their mobile devices. 

This technology boom has created a fast-moving consumer market that has forced businesses to adapt to rapid change and agility. 


Never before has a generation been more concerned not simply with a business's products and services, but with its social accountability. BETAs care profoundly about how a business interacts with the world, how it treats its employees, and how it pursues sustainability measures. 

In 2021, a company that is not going green is a company that is not going to be in the green, and the generation that now holds much of the buying power is not afraid to make sure they're heard. 

Companies are now expected to take strong stances on moral subjects and to make positive changes that align with the times 


To wrap up, the generation Y and older generation Z demographics are becoming powerful leaders and even more powerful socio-economic drivers around the world. BETAs expect a certain degree of personal and professional exceptionalism that dictates their purchasing choices and the ways they drive businesses both internally as professionals and externally as consumers. 

The world of business had best take heed.   


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Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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