White Paper: The quickest way to generate new leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Björn Tantau

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Facebook Lead Ads offers a revolutionary advertising format, which allows you, as an advertiser, to reach new customers and generate new leads quicker than ever before. The advantage is that Facebook automatically prefills certain contact information, such as the users’ name, email address and phone number. The only step left for the user is to hit the ‘send’ button.

Landing pages are no longer required and leads can be immediately transferred to your CRM. That way, the cancellation rate while filling out conventional forms is reduced by a large amount, as the user only has to check his or her prefilled information before it is sent. This new method drastically increases the chances of converting new leads since it is so simple and comfortable.

The best tips for successful lead ads

The new Lead Ads white paper by Facelift shows you how to profit the most from this new advertising format by thoroughly reviewing which advantages Lead Ads have for you as a publisher. Which Calls to Action should you use, how should your advertisement be conceived to make your Lead Ads work best and which data can be retrieved in the process?

The answers to those questions as well as ideal tips for extremely successful Lead Ads can be found in our new white paper, which we provide as a free download. Utilise the new lucrative possibilities for advertisers, generate more leads directly through Facebook and optimise your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) by only targeting Facebook users who are actually interested in your products and services.

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Björn Tantau