Optimizing Your Customer Service for Post-Christmas Gift Returns

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The season of giving has all but come to a close, making way for the season of giving back.  

The stockings are emptied, and the tree now stands above a sea of ripped paper, discarded bows, and more than a couple LEGO men have already lost their hats. The gifts have been handed out and everyone is wearing their brightest smiles, thankful for friends and family and the excellent presents they have received. 

Or so we would all like to imagine. 

Unfortunately, and for countless reasons, millions of Christmas gifts are returned to the stores they came from in the days following December 25th. In fact, in 2019, Oracle Retail and Savanta conducted a study of 16,000 individuals that revealed some startling facts. According to the study, as many as 77% of those surveyed expected to return at least some of their annual gifts.  

It also indicated that one in five individuals said that they would likely return more than half of their yearly haul 

What was among the most returned products? Around 68% of gifted clothing items are returned, and around 1 quarter of electronics go right back to the shelves to wear a badge of shame called “clearance” 

2020 has been a very different and highly challenging year, and we can expect to see some change in numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the guaranteed increase in online shopping, but we can still comfortably predict that returns will be no joke this year, either. 


What this means for your customer service teams 

As you undoubtedly know, post-Christmas returns are an absolute deluge for your customer service teams; still reeling from that final wave of last-minute shoppers and procrastinating dads struggling to assemble their kids’ new telescopes at 11 PM 

Today, around 90% of businesses maintain social media pages, and approximately 77% of messages to a company’s social pages are for customer service purposes. Since your social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, are going to serve as primary points of contact between your company and your customers, sometimes publicly and loudly, it is essential that customer service is able to put its best foot forward digitally. 

Following Christmas, the process of returning unwanted gifts is generally not a cheery one. Lost gift receipts, no gift receipts, missing chargers, cut tags, and other misfortunes small and large compound to make a frustrating two-week period all the worse. 

The key to succeeding without allowing your services to become bogged down is going to be working through an optimized moderation process.  

And of course, Facelift is here to help! We’ve got several ways to help you optimize your day-to-day community management flow, assist you in taking stock of performance, customer satisfaction, and more - even during times of peak insanity. 



We’ll help you keep things clear from the start 

Keeping our readers and clients on track with their social media efforts year-round is our number one goal. That’s why we’ve drafted a comprehensive but easy to follow checklist that your company can use to improve and maintain your daily moderation and community management workflow, especially during the craziest times of the year.  

Our checklist will help you keep all of your social media customer service needs in order by proposing a solid and reliable framework that you can then customize to perfectly suit your company’s needs. 

Our list can help you: 


icon_checklistMake time to think about what kind of topics you are likely to be dealing with the most, and how you can organize them for maximum efficiency. 

icon_checklistGet an overall feel for the sentiments and needs of your customers.

icon_checklistReflect and report on current performance and processes, so you can continually improve your customer service across all channels.  

To make your life easier and your workflow faster and more efficient, you should grab Facelift’s Moderation Checklist for free right here, [hyperlink] and discover all 24 points that can help you keep up on your customer service inquiries, social engagement, and community management throughout the day. 

We want to help you figure out your whos, whats and whens regarding personnel assignments, individual tasks and responsibilities, and get your hard-working customer service teams off to a great start in 2021! 

You want to improve your daily community management routines? Download our comprehensive checklist and get started!

Download the checklist now


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