Customer Service 2.0 With Facelift Cloud and the WhatsApp Business API

Maria-Christin Kowal


Since we have integrated the WhatsApp Business API, you can now control the WhatsApp Business solution via Facelift Cloud. For companies, this means the following: Personal customer support is possible via WhatsApp chat featuring all of the technical advantages and functionalities of Facelift Cloud.

Convenient, direct, and effective communication - with digitisation, users have become accustomed to quick and easy messenger interaction. 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp to chat with friends, family and businesses. According to forecasts, user numbers will rise by another 23 per cent by 2021.


Messaging is Replacing Snail Mails, E-Mails And Calls 

What has become indispensable in the private sector is also making the demands in B2C communication rise: End users want to interact with companies just as quickly, conveniently, and effectively as they do with their friends and family. In a study initiated by Facebook, 58 per cent of respondents said that they preferred contacting companies via messenger rather than calling customer service, for example.

As snail mail, e-mail, and phone calls are increasingly being replaced by live messengers, companies need to tailor their customer care to their customers' needs. One way of doing so is to connect with consumers exactly where they are, via a medium they trust, which is popular and established worldwide.

WhatsApp is Setting New Standards in Customer Care

With the launch of the WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp is now responding to the growing demands in personal customer support - both for consumers and businesses alike. The potential of the WhatsApp Business solution in customer care is enormous - not only in terms of user numbers: WhatsApp is a simple, reliable, and private way to talk to anyone in the world. Diverse features and application options make the app an extremely attractive service channel for customers and companies.

Scoring Customers Dialogue Points - Fast, Simple, and Personal

The focus of the WhatsApp Business API is clearly on the customer benefit: It is the consumers who are actively contacting companies via WhatsApp so companies can then provide them with qualified help concerning specific inquiries within 24 hours, such as updates, appointments, product information, advice, ticket delivery, and more, for example. For businesses, the application means 1:1 communication and customer service at a high level. The goal is to provide professional customer service in chat speed and respond to individual requests via prioritised messages. This application is of particular interest to service-oriented companies that want to strengthen their client’s confidence in their brand by being close to the customer.

Implementation and Avantages with Facelift Cloud

As a WhatsApp Business solution provider, we offer companies the implementation of the WhatsApp Business API via Facelift Cloud. Businesses now have the opportunity to quickly and securely chat with their customers in person, taking advantage of all of the features and benefits of our all-in-one solution. We take over the technical administration and development. This includes guaranteed timeliness, function, and security at the highest level - in addition to set-up and maintenance of a server located in Germany. 

Innovative Features for the Prioritised Customer Dialogue

The WhatsApp Business API has been seamlessly integrated into Facelift Cloud and can be fully prioritised. Our customers now benefit from all of the comfort and workflow features for a successful customer dialogue. Thanks to optional notifications, you will not miss a single customer request. All messages merge in a central Facelift inbox, in which they can be prioritised by theme thanks to an automatic tagging system so that dedicated teams can swiftly respond to these customer inquiries.

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Maria-Christin Kowal