Corporate Influencers: Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Maria-Christin Kowal
Maria-Christin Kowal

For years, companies have faced enormous challenges due to rapid digitisation. More and more channels must be processed at ever shorter intervals. At the same time, the content posted in social networks is associated with ever shorter reaches, as networks like Facebook, Instagram, and the like are constantly changing their algorithms and increasing attention in paid content.

Instead of continuing to rely on traditional marketing methods, brands are increasingly using influencers to increase their online presence and brand awareness. Rather than focusing on external brand ambassadors, it makes sense for brands to increasingly look for suitable influencers within their own ranks.


Influencer Marketing: The Basics

Influencer marketing focuses on the promotion and sale of products or services by influencers. They can share your brand message with a larger audience. In its simplest form, influencer marketing allows you to find someone to tell your story for you to an audience that you may not otherwise be able to reach.

Influencers have the ability to influence the character and image of a brand. When done right, influencer marketing can result in unprecedented revenues and growth, build engagement, and motivate your fans and customers to act.


Your Employees, Your Perfect Influencers

Many companies are deterred by the time, effort, and money needed to find the right influencers. Your brand needs someone it can trust and who knows and understands the benefits of what you have to offer. Someone that is personally invested in the brand. Who could fill these shoes better than your own employees and colleagues?

In 2016, LinkedIn pointed out that only 3% of employees shared company-related content in an average company. But these employees are responsible for a 30% increase in likes, shares, and comments on a post.

The use of your staff as influencers provides you with all of the advantages of using external influencers while saving you both time and money.


3 Facts That Underline the Power of Your Employees

  • 76% of respondents to a survey said they trust content shared by "ordinary" people rather than content shared by brands.
  • Brand messages were associated with 561% more reach when shared by employees than the same messages shared through the brand's official social channels (MSLGroup).
  • According to McKinsey, using social platforms while working can increase productivity by 20-25%, e.g. through improved communication, knowledge transfer, or better internal and external cooperation. 

A win-win situation!


How to Turn Your Employees into True Brand Ambassadors

Let It Be Worth Their Time

The best way to convince someone to put their time and effort into something is to show them the benefits. The organisational and personal benefits of sharing your messages with your employees must be made clear. Knowing that they will increase brand awareness and awareness on specific topics is a powerful motivator to persuade employees to get on board as brand representatives and opinion leaders.

Make It Believable

Your employees must feel heard. It is not enough to just ask them to share your content. You also have to let them contribute to your message. Collect information about what types of content your employees want to share and what appeals to them. Then give them all of the materials and tools needed to create and share their own content. This not only gives your employees a voice, but also increases the credibility of your content.

Make a Game of It

Gamification, campaigns, and challenges can be a huge driver in motivating employees to share your brand content. Your employees could be collecting points for shared content, for example. This binds employees and rewards their efforts. By making your internal influencer programme informative, engaging, and entertaining, this is a great motivator for many employees to communicate their corporate loyalty and brand message to their own circle of friends.

Keep It Simple

Many employees do not instinctively share content via their personal social media accounts. Often this is due to the fact that they are too busy or they do not know what to say. This is where social employee advocacy tools such as Facelift Cloud's Social Share App come into play.

Social Share App

Using this kind of tool allows you to easily and intelligibly deliver shared social content to your employees and is thus the perfect way to encourage internal influencers. The simpler it is to do so, the sooner your brand messages will be shared.

If you want to know how Facelift Cloud can help you turn your staff into influencers, why not take advantage of a free demo today?


Maria-Christin Kowal
Maria-Christin Kowal

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