New Year, New You - Boosting Resolutions on Social Media

Brian Powers
Brian Powers

Building a social media editorial may at first glance feel like a pretty straightforward task – and hopefully it is most of the time. However, sometimes it can be hard to generate sufficient social media content ideas to maintain a regular, high-quality content plan that is both unique to you, but also engaging and helpful to your followers. 

But inspiration is all around you, particularly in current events, holidays, and other special activities that happen around the world. For 2022, we created a calendar of special world events that you can take advantage of to discover and create new content for social media this year. You can download it for free while you're here. 

In addition to that, though, we wanted to elaborate on each month a bit!  

So, how can we kick off January? 


A new year for a new you 

Here in Germany, and in many countries around the world, much of the nation takes a well-deserved break during the winter holidays. It’s a time to recharge, to spend time with family, perhaps escape town for a while, and to prepare for the year ahead. 

During this time, it’s also a widespread practice among people globally to create "new year's `resolutions"; pledging to make changes in ourselves or our lives for the better during the coming year. 

Most people seem to lose sight of their goals when they realize after three weeks that going to the gym sucks. It's cold outside, it's full of people, you have to actually get up in the morning to go before work.  

Is the sacrifice of chocolate really worth the suffering?  

Remaking ourselves isn't easy, whether it's weight loss, learning a new skill, quitting smoking, or any number of other life changes.  

According to various studies, it appears that only between 8 and 20 percent of those who resolve to make changes manage to stick to these goals throughout the year. That's pretty abysmal. 

Fitness technology company Strava suggests, based on data from nearly 100 million app users, the majority had basically lost track of their weight loss or other fitness goals (the most popular resolutions) by January 19th, which they dubbed "Quitter's Day". 

Super abysmal since those gym memberships really lock you in! 

And it doesn't have to be fitness-related, but maybe there's something your organization can do to help while also boosting your marketing team's social media content editorial this year. 


Remind your followers of what's important to them 

Sticking to new year's resolutions is difficult and a bit of inspiration can go a long way. Your social media team can use this as an opportunity to help encourage followers, and maybe even give them a hand. 

Social media absolutely devours inspirational content. Among the most common new year's resolutions are exercising more, losing weight, learning a brand-new skill, or spending more time with family. These are goals just about anyone and any organization can get behind, and a bit of a nudge in the right direction can show your followers that you care about their wellbeing.  

Goals are a wonderful way for your team to stir up some engagement in the form of open dialogue. One of the easiest things you can do is simply to ask followers about their ideas and plans for the year directly. People are often happy to talk about themselves, and by pushing them to do so, by engaging them in meaningful conversation, you could A. learn more about your followers, and B. build some rapport. 

Other things you can do include good text images with positive messages. These fast, easily digested content formats perform exceedingly well on social, especially when paired with relevant, inspirational pictures, gifs, or even short videos. These sorts of content are great for highly visible networks like Pinterest or Instagram. 

You can also try to implement polls on platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Ask questions about their plans! 


Goals can also be a terrific way to promote your brand! 

Because so many resolutions are generic, quite common, and simple enough for just about anyone and everyone to support, many will provide suitable content ideas for just about any industry. 

For example, many people wish to spend more time with friends and family in 2022. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues around the world, the desire to strengthen these bonds has only grown.  

Your team can always take time to send messages of positivity that subtly and tastefully suggest that your product or services could help facilitate communication, allow for easier travel, or provide tech solutions, special events, or more.  

There's also nothing wrong with non-promotional content! Just say something nice. People like to be reminded that there are human beings working at a business and a little bit of simple goodwill without pushing products can contribute a surprising amount to brand loyalty. 


Try out giveaways and promotions 

While these event posts are not necessarily supposed to be your "flagship" content, you can turn them into something more significant than a simple inspirational meme. 

Some sample ideas can include things like giveaways or raffles. 

As an example, another common resolution is to increase the number of books read in a year, or to generally spend more time each day taking time to read. Just about any company could create a giveaway to help promote these goals.  

In this example, a company could offer gift cards for a book retailer to a randomly selected commenter on a post each month or week. This would drum up a lot of enthusiasm and engagement, boost shares and organic reach considerably, and could be scaled up or down depending on resources.  

Examples like this are good because promoting reading is something just about any company should be able to get behind, and even a one-time award of just twenty euros could easily net you a higher ROI than the same amount spent on paid advertising. 

But it doesn't have to be books, or reading, or anything one thing in particular. People love free or discounted stuff, and in fact, saving more money is also another hugely popular resolution.  




We know that time flies and that January is already half over (and that Quitter's Day is basically here already) but helping to support resolutions is something you can keep up with all year long. The goal is to help your followers stick to their resolutions, as well as keeping some interesting content ideas in your editorial.  

So, take advantage of your followers' desires to create top-notch content this year.  

Once again, if you'd like to download our free events calendar that can supply ideas like these for content throughout 2022, you can grab it right here! 

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Brian Powers
Brian Powers

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A New Yorker in Hamburg, Brian is facelift's content marketing manager. With over a decade of experience in content and social, he is responsible for creating much of facelift's English digital content, in particular the facelift blog, guides and downloads, as well as the writer and co-director of facelift's YouTube series "The Socials".