5 Features to Save Time in Social Media Marketing

Maria-Christin Kowal

Social Media Marketing – No “Side Job”

Social media marketing is time-consuming. Although it can easily be integrated into a company’s marketing strategy, it takes a lot of time and skill to manage your own activities, expand them, and entertain sophisticated communities. In addition, a working day in the life of any social media manager is well timed and requires a high degree of flexibility and creative output.

What Are the Time-Eaters in Social Media Marketing?

According to studies, a 40-hour workweek fills up quickly: Social media managers spend an average of 7.5 hours a week planning and creating content. Five hours a week are dedicated to contingencies, such as averting oncoming crises and damage control measures. Four hours each are consumed by research, the publishing of articles, and active user dialogue. The last 2.5 hours are spent in six other areas: Content curation, social listening, community building, strategic planning, campaigning, and analysis.

In addition, social media marketing teams work closely with other business departments, such as customer relations management, the sales team, and product development. As an indispensable interface, they provide unfiltered feedback from the communities and thus important insights from all areas, which can then be used to exert significant control over the company's success.

The all-in-one solution of the Facelift Cloud addresses precisely these diverse challenges faced by any social media marketing team. The certified social media tool responds to the growing needs of marketing teams and simplifies their daily work routine many times over.

These 5 New Features of the Facelift Cloud Will Help You Get Things Done More Quickly and Become More Efficient:

App Community Management

Taking on the role of a social media manager often means being there for your customers and fans 24/7. More often than not, you also find yourself constantly on the go between many appointments and different locations. In meetings, on the train, and in a taxi, or in your home office, for example, the new Facelift Cloud App is the new partner-in-crime of every social media manager. Simply moderate your community with just a few clicks. Items can be hidden, comments can be responded to, or assigned to a colleague that is currently available. Handy community management via your smartphone. What an incredible relief.

Schedule and Post Instagram Posts from Your Desktop

The prayers of social media managers have been answered: Since Instagram has completed its update of the Instagram Graph API, you are now spared from the obligatory detour via the mobile app when publishing posts. This also means: No more having to work on holidays or at night to publish campaigns at the desired time. Thanks to the new API, Facelift Cloud users will no longer need to complete an intermediate step via the app to publish content on Instagram. This is done directly via the Facelift Cloud publisher, thus allowing you to safely and conveniently publish your Instagram posts whenever you want. All you need is an Instagram Business Account.

Export of Editorial Calendars

The Facelift Cloud also includes an editorial calendar beyond the content pool. All planned and already published articles are clearly laid out in this calendar. Social media teams can use this calendar to create, edit, share, and post content on specific dates. The data export is easy and uncomplicated: Editorial calendars can be exported and printed in the desired format (e.g. PDF). Editors can also work on their editorial planning in paper form, for example. In order to prevent publications from being forgotten, appointments can be set as iCal for any calendar programme and synchronised automatically.

Central Short URLs

This feature allows short URLs to be created directly in the Facelift Cloud, exactly where they are needed: In community management and when publishing new posts. In addition, a proprietary link syntax is available for booking as well. The ISO 27001 certification of the Facelift Cloud guarantees a secure handling of your short URLs: You are given exclusive data sovereignty over your statistics. For all Google Analytics users, an additional UTM parameter has been integrated. It works safely and centrally and helps you keep track of your data and investments at all times.

Collision Detection

If you are part of a highly motivated team, it is very much possible that individual tasks are handled by several colleagues at the same time – such as responding to comments and messages from the community, for example. This might only become apparent when duplicate research has already been conducted. In situations like these, the Facelift Cloud relies on a central mailbox. This is where all feeds, news, mentions, and reviews are received in a unified inbox. And what’s most important: Any actions that are already under way are marked as such in the inbox. This allows social media teams to work together collaboratively, concisely, and efficiently at the same time. In addition, reaction times are shortened and response rates are increased.


Social media marketing is a full-time job and no longer a task for working students or trainees. The world of social marketing has become more and more complex not only because of the diversity of channels. The internal interfaces of the various departments also complicate work processes and make them more time-consuming. The risk of losing touch with the really fast-paced social media world is all too real. With the right social media tools, you can start catching up. The all-in-one solution of the Facelift Cloud has been designed such that all social media channels can be displayed on a dashboard and managed, maintained, monitored, and evaluated in one central location. All of this can be done using a scalable, multi-certified, and perfected tool.

What are your biggest social media marketing challenges?

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Maria-Christin Kowal